Friday, July 24, 2009

Waiting: Some Ways To Reduce the Stress

Everyone knows that having to wait is stressful to people with things to get done. How much better it would be if everything ran smoothly and we didn’t have to wait? Just when we think we have it solved by Internet banking, online bill paying and doing it all from our phones, there’s a phone call put on hold for an indeterminate amount of time. Can nothing be done? I say it can be less stressful. What does it take? It takes attitude for a start. Assuming that at some time during the day we will have to wait, plan ahead. Here are some suggestions.
Ø Have a book or article to read; one of those in your to be read basket.
Ø Phones today are so versatile. Use yours if it is. Check your emails; delete the trash and respond to friends.
Ø Tweet – get some of your frustration out by thinking of something positive to say
Ø Make notes of your next 5 tweets, ideas for blogs, shopping lists, or to do’s. Be prepared with a note pad, index cards or a phone or PDA for the note taking. (Index cards work better than little slips of paper and the back of old receipts or napkins.)
Ø At the office, use the time to open the snail mail, look through a catalogue.
Ø Drink that glass of water you know you need.
Ø Do at your desk exercises or stretches.

I’m sure we could come up with a longer list. Any suggestions?

Judie Fouchaux,
Creative Crosse Roads
Meeting Your Social Networking Needs


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