Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have often heard people say they are going into their own business to get balance in their lives. It started me thinking about balance. Often balance is seen in terms of a 50/50 split. I’ll spend half my time on one thing and half on another; half at work and half at home. Like achieving balance is standing with one foot on either side of the fulcrum of a seesaw and struggling to keep the board level. That seems to take a lot of effort. It only works for a short time and under circumstances where the seesaw is stable on the ground.

Most of our lives aren’t that stable. Balance for us, it seems to me, is more like traveling a crowded bus or subway when you don’t have a seat and need to hang on to the overhead strap or a pole to keep from falling down. You achieve balance more easily in these situations by being flexible and hanging on while keeping your body loose to go with the motion.

That seems to work in business too. When feeling overwhelmed or that everything’s moving too fast, be flexible, go with the motion, reach out to a virtual assistant to keep things moving and stable.

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