Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Business Adventure

When I left Corporate America I unwittingly began the great adventure of having my own business. In the beginning it was a journey without structure but with strong purpose. I knew I had a service to provide and the determination to provide it. As with many journeys, I had to leave some baggage behind. The first thing I gave up was my victim. While working for someone else as “the Boss”, one can easily feel that if things aren’t going as smoothly as you envisioned them it’s because of someone else or some unchangeable, immovable situation. That doesn’t work if you are on this great adventure of working for yourself.

Probably the second bit of baggage, I left behind was thinking I knew all the answers. Just because I’d done things one way while working in a corporation didn’t mean it would work that way with my new clients. They were varied and with different needs and systems already in place. It was my responsibility to adapt and fit it.

What I needed to pack for this adventure was an openness to what was actually there, a flexibility to go with the flow, the ability to see the big picture at all times so that the end results were not lost. Important things to tuck into my luggage were: excellent communication skills, computer skills and a good sense of humor for when the going got tough. Some people think you need to take along an elephant’s hide to keep from taking things too personally. While that might work for some, I’ve always found it better to take things in and let them flow through me using what seems appropriate and letting the rest go. In that way I’ve been able to keep the momentum going and help my clients move forward.

Because providing my services is always part of my business adventure, I look forward to every day.

Judie Fouchaux,
Creative Crosse Roads
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