Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Prop Master

For years I have been the prop master for the Don’t Quit Your Day Job Dancers ( creating everything from a bejeweled mirror for a Cinderella to a dozen ice bags for an after a party dance. “What has that to do with social networking?” you ask.

Props are the aides the actors and dancers use to help their audiences become a part of what is happening on stage. They support the audience into having a relationship with what is happening on stage; into becoming a community during the performance.

Social networking does the same thing for entrepreneurs, by helping create relationship between you and your potential clients. Your social networking presence should let people know whom you are and what you have to offer. It is the prop that gets you known. Then, as you build your community in cyberspace, you build credibility and trust. From people who know you, as once customers knew their local shop owners, you will gain your most loyal and trusted clients.

If you need help in establishing you social networking presence, feel free to contact me.

Judie Fouchaux

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