Saturday, August 8, 2009


I was reading a blog by Dusky Skye ( in which she speaks on creativity. She described it as a muscle “one which may be more or less developed” – a sentiment I hold as well. She included a bibliography at the end of her blog, which was quite extensive. What I noted, however, was that the entries had been written from 1974 through 1988. It made me wonder. Did we get so creative after 1987 that we no longer needed this type of encouragement to stretch the creativity muscle?

I can ‘t believe the need for creativity is past. If anything, I believe we need it more than ever to face and solve the problems in today’s world. We have seen that repeating past solutions doesn’t change anything. So, we need to step out of the box and come up with new, creative solutions.

Wikipedia states “another adequate definition of creativity is that it is an "assumptions-breaking process." Creative ideas are often generated when one discards preconceived assumptions and attempts a new approach or method that might seem to others unthinkable.”

Social networking is a new creative way of marketing. It is also a new way of bringing people together into communities, of building relationships, of creating understanding and possibility. It’s a way of sharing knowledge and opening our minds. However, for it reach its potential, we, who use it, must discard our assumptions and open ourselves to new ideas, new ways of seeing things and not just transfer the old patterns into a new space. It is in this way that we must ourselves be creative.

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